Timber Roofs

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Legnotek Timber Roofs in Italy…the perfect and efficient solution for your roof restoration or roof construction project. There are literally thousands of properties in Italy described as ‘suitable for renovation’. But what does that actually mean? In fact, it can mean anything from the proverbial lick of paint to a virtual rebuild, or anything in between.

If you have chosen to restore a property and have decided your requirement is for a new timber frame roof – fully ventilated and insulated - we will be able to help you.

We have considerable experience in the design, manufacture, construction and restoration of roofs, be it in oak, chestnut or laminated timber. A look at our Gallery will show you a small selection of the different types and styles of completed roofs from which you may wish to draw some inspiration.

Such roofs work particularly well as part of a restoration project for an Italian stone house and are often used as features for bedrooms, and single storey kitchen or dining extensions. An exposed timber roof, (which will of course be fully insulated) undoubtedly adds considerable warmth and character to any home.

In addition, we work in conjunction with solar energy experts here in Italy, so that installing either thermal or photovoltaic panels within a new timber frame roof can easily be incorporated into the overall design. Alternatively, you may wish to install a roof over a tennis court or swimming pool, thus extending usage periods beyond the summer – maybe even a roof covering for that outdoor parking or barbecue area.

Laminated timber works particularly well for curved roof structures and we have undertaken a whole variety of such projects over the years. See Gallery photos.

Legnotek Timber Frame Roofs In Italy - Whatever you have in mind, Contact Us.